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Posted by obivanhelgen on September 10, 2009 at 9:28 AM

So yeah, what can I say?

I am so freakin hyped.^^ It´s this special kind of announcement that I love so much! Every Sonic Fan out there wanted a new 2D Sonic game for a console and now we are finally getting it. This is truely awesome. And with NSMBWii on the way I have this strange feeling and this little but special heartbeat. There is a 2D Mario game and finally a 2D Sonic game on the way. You know what I mean right? It all smells like the return of an old and nearly forgotten Battle! It´s once again Mario VS Sonic and not just in a Sportsgame.^^ Nooo it´s Mario VS Sonic again as we all knew it back in the days of our beloeved Mega Drive.

It´s Mario VS Sonic again!

It´s Nintendo VS SEGA again!

It´s SNES VS Mega Drive(Genesis) again!!!

Gentleman, train your Mega Drive(Genesis) skills, buy a new pack of Batteries for your 360 or PS3 Controller, ready your Sonic-speed-sins and start your Consoles! It´s war again! One plumber at a time!

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Website(nevermind the website was a fake or a fangame or whatever^^ But the Trailer is still freakin real : D)

Yours truely,

Obi Van Helgen

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